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Entering Shows


Lists for the various shows throughout the year and across the country are available from the GCCF website. http://www.gccfcats.org. The start of the show year runs from 1st June to 31st May.  Usually if you are a member of a cat club who hold a show, they will automatically send you a schedule along with an entry form.  If you are not a member of a Club for a show you wish to enter, write to the show manager or their contact enclosing a stamped addressed envelope requesting a schedule or go online to the GCCF website at to look at the show list and schedules and download an entry form to the show of your choice. Remember to allow enough time to get your entry in before the close date.  Under GCCF rules, you are not allowed to enter shows within 13days of each other.

Where possible always complete your show entry form from your GCCF registration or Transfer document for the cat being exhibited to minimise the risk of errors.  Print the details carefully to avoid any misinterpretation of your handwriting.  If at the time of entry you do not have the transfer or registration documents, then put TAF or RAF in the Regd. No. Box to indicate Transfer of ownership or registration applied for.

Each exhibit can enter up to three or four classes for the basic Entry Fee – you can find those details in the Schedule. Extra classes will cost more money, but multiple class entries can be stressful for your cat. Before a title can be gained the cat must be entered into the relevant Breed Class. Once a title has been gained the cat can progress through the appropriate title classes and can also be considered for Best of Breed (BOB) in the Breed Class. 

The completed entry form along with the required entry fee should then be sent to the show manager, with enough time to reach them before the entry close date.  To be sure that your entry has been accepted, it is a good idea to enclose a stamped addressed post card, with detail of your cat and classes entered on it.  The show manager will then sign this and return it to you, as receipt of entry.


Breed: This is the only class in which your cat will be judged only against other Birmans of the same colour, so this is the one in which the result is so important.  The winners of this class can be awarded Challenge Certificates to count towards a Champion title or Premier Certificates towards that title.  When three of these have been awarded at shows under three different judges, your cat can be called Champion or Premier depending if the cat is entire or neutered. It is important to claim that title from the GCCF. You can download a form on the GCCF website for claiming titles at http://www.gccfcats.org/forms.html

Grand Champion or Grand Premier:  In these classes your cat will be will judged against Birmans of all colours. There are only two awards in this class – Grand Challenge Certificate and Reserve Grand. Three Grand Challenge Certificates awarded from three different Judges gives your cat the right to be called Grand Champion or Grand Premier. Again, you must claim that title.

Imperial Grand Champion or Imperial Grand Premier: In these classes your cat will be judged against all Semi-Longhaired cats of the same status. There are two awards in this class, Imperial Grand and Reserve Imperial Grand Champion/Premier certificate. When five of these awards have been obtained at five different shows from five different judges your cat can be called Imperial Grand Champion or Imperial Grand Premier as soon as you have claimed the title from GCCF.

Olympian:   There are three different levels of Olympian titles: Bronze/Silver/Gold. This is the highest level of achievement.  In each section your cat will be judged against Imperial Grand Champions or Imperial Grand Premiers (depending whether they are entire or neutered) against all breeds recognised by GCCF that are eligible to compete. Awards are given for Olympian winner and Reserve Olympian. At each level five Olympian certificates must be won under five different judges at five different shows. These must mainly be won at “all breed” shows. Only one certificate from a single or specialist breed show can be counted towards the five at the three different levels. The Olympian classes are the only classes where the collection of those important certificates is continuous in recognition of the difficulty involved. At all other levels, you must have gained the title before the official closing date of the next show in order to rise to the next level.  REMEMBER! When your cat attains any of the above titles they must be claimed from The GCCF Office giving the shows, the dates and the judges awarding the certificates etc. The easiest way is to download the official form from the address above and fill in details on that.

Original Document written by Teresa Cole