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Breed Colours

Currently there are 20 different colours of Birmans recognised by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF), The Bimram Breed Advisory Committee (BAC) and its 4 constituent clubs. Whilst there are other bodies the recognise some other colours these are not accepted as the are not part of the Birmam Breeding Policy agreed by the BAC and Breed clubs.

The full list of the 20 colours is as defined in the following chart.

 Old Breed
Seal Point13c1SBI n
Image Alan Robinson
Blue Point13c2SBI a
Image Alan Robinson
Chocolate point13c3SBI b
Lilac Point13c4SBI c
Image Alan Robinson
Red Point13c5SBI d
Image Alan Robinson
Cream Point13c6SBI e
Image Alan Robinson
Seal Tortie Point13c7SBI f
Image Alan Robinson
Blue Tortie Point13c8SBI g
Image Alan Robinson
Chocolate Tortie Point13c9SBI h
Image Alan Robinson
Lilac Tortie Point13c10SBI j
Seal Tabby Point13c11SBI n21
Image Alan Robinson
Blue Tabby Point13c12SBI a21
Image Alan Robinson
Chocolate Tabby Point13c13SBI b21
Lilac Tabby Point13c14SBI c21
Red Tabby Point13c15SBI d21
Cream Tabby Point13c16SBI e21
Seal Tortie Tabby Point13c17SBI f21
Blue Tortie Tabby Point13c18SBI g21
Chocolate Tortie Tabby Point13c19SBI h21
Lilac Tortie tabby Point13c20SBI j21