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Birman -vs- Ragdoll

There are often questions about the differences between the Birman and Ragdoll Breeds, indeed some colours can look very similar, but the following will identify some differences in the standard.

Prepared by Teresa Cole (Senior GCCF Judge)

Descriptions have been taken from the relevant Standard of Points apart from the comments in bold italics.

HEAD - Skull strong, broad and rounded. Nose medium in length (no "stop" but with slight dip to profile). Cheeks full and rounded. Chin Full and well developed, slightly tapered but not receding.HEAD - Broad head with flat plane, not domed and width between the ears. Cheeks well developed, with a rounded well developed muzzle and firm chin with a level bite. The nose should be of medium length with gentle dip and slightly retroussé' at tip.
EARS - Medium in size and spaced well apart.EARS - Medium size, set wide with a slight forward tilt. They should be well furnished and appear almost pointed
EYES - Almost round but not bold, Blue in colour, the deeper the blue the better.EYES - Large, well opened, slightly oblique and set well apart. The top line forms a slight curve, slanting towards the outer edge of the ear; the lower line should be more generously rounded. Blue in colour, the deeper the blue the better.